Barclay Water Management, Inc. is a leading provider of water management programs for Federal, State, and local government agencies throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States. Our technical know-how helps facility managers ensure the health, safety, and comfort of civilian and military personnel stationed around the world.

Barclay Water Management, Inc. is a strong advocate of hiring military veterans and understands the importance of properly managed water treatment programs at Veteran Administration Medical Centers as well as all government facilities. The individuals who live and work in these facilities deserve a safe and healthy environment which we help provide by means of effective water treatment programs and supplemental disinfection of potable water supplies.

Our water treatment approach emphasizes:

  • Clean potable water, free of harmful waterborne pathogens
  • Use of water treating chemicals that minimize water and energy consumption, reduce system maintenance, and extend the useful life of HVAC equipment including boilers, chillers, condensers, and cooling towers
  • Eco-friendly, Green water treating chemicals
  • Hands-free (SAFE®) product delivery
  • Compliance with environmental regulations
  • Real-time control of system water chemistry using FOCUS™ technology

Current Government Contracts:

GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contract #GS-07F-0041Y

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Statewide Contract FAC106 Water Treatment Chemicals and Alternative Treatment Systems

Pennsylvania Department of General Services - ITQ Contract 83101506-ITQ-232: Water Treatment Services

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