Colleges & Universities

Barclay Water Management, Inc. provides scores of leading colleges and universities with environmentally friendly, sustainable, and cost effective water treatment programs that integrate the mechanical operation of HVAC equipment with real-time monitoring of system water chemistry.

The quality of campus water treatment programs affects the safety, health, and comfort of students, faculty, and staff and determines the operating efficiency, maintenance costs, and useful life of the institution’s HVAC equipment.

Water treatment programs for a college or university campus must:

  • Minimize water and energy consumption while extending the useful life of boilers, chillers, condensers, and HVAC water loops.
  • Protect HVAC heat exchangers, piping, and valves from corrosion, mineral scale deposit formation, and microbiological fouling
  • Minimize chemical treatment costs and handling/disposal of water treating chemicals
  • Protect the campus community from exposure to harmful waterborne pathogens including Legionella Bacteria
  • Provide Physical Plant Administrators with real time monitoring and reporting of system water chemistry

We have the expertise and resources to remotely monitor and control water chemistry in HVAC systems in every building on a campus using:

  • Eco-friendly, sustainable Green water treating chemicals
  • Automated real-time control of HVAC system water chemistry with Barclay FOCUS™ technology
  • Management techniques to identify areas where students and faculty could be exposed to Legionella and other harmful waterborne bacteria

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