Since 1932

Stanton Barclay recognized the value of hard work and built the foundation of our company with dedicated employees committed to meeting the needs of their customers. This philosophy still holds true today, more than 75 years later. We salute our founder and all employees, past and present, who have worked hard to make Barclay Water Management the largest employee owned firm in the US water treatment industry.


Barclay Becomes 100% ESOP

Barclay’s ESOP was successful in acquiring the remainder of the stock in the business which will be held in beneficial trust for current and future employees.


New Headquarters

After a half of a century in Watertown, Massachusetts, Barclay Water Management expands our company headquarters and research laboratory to Chapel Bridge Park in Newton, MA.


Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

The Board of Directors establishes an ESOP to ensure more uniform distribution of share ownership and enable every employee to become an owner of the business.


Top Small Workplace Award

Barclay Water Management, Inc. is named by The Wall Street Journal as one of just fifteen Top Workplaces in North America.


Mid-Atlantic Regional Office

Barclay opens a Regional Office and SAFE® Distribution Center in Edison, New Jersey to provide improved service to customers in the Mid-Atlantic States.


Environmental Group

Barclay Water Management, Inc. establishes a water hygiene division.


Corporate Name Change

Barclay Chemical Company, Inc. employees vote to change the Company’s name to Barclay Water Management, Inc. to better reflect its identity.


Safe® Delivery System

Introduction of Barclay’s SAFE® drum-less chemical delivery system to eliminate operator handling of water treatment chemicals.


Employee Ownership

Stanton Barclay establishes a new corporation, Barclay Water Treatment Co. Inc., to be majority-owned by the Company’s employees.


Non-Toxic Corrosion Inhibitors

Barclay takes the lead in developing environmentally friendly, chromate-free corrosion and scale deposit inhibitors for evaporative cooling tower water systems.


New Construction Marketplace

Barclay establishes a division to work closely with architects and design engineers to provide contractors and building owners with water treatment programs for new facilities.


Automatic Water Treatment Controllers

Barclay develops state-of-the-art water treatment controllers T-55 and T-110 to allow automatic and proportional chemical feed and blowdown in cooling tower water systems.


World War II

During the war years the Barclay brothers established a machine shop to produce machine screws and other fastenings for defense contractors, including the Raytheon Company.


Stanton D. Barclay Establishes Barclay Chemical Co. Inc.

The Barclay Chemical Company, Inc. was established in the basement of the Chickering Piano Company
boiler room in Boston, MA.

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