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Specialty Treatments for Controlling Water Chemistry.

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About Barclay

Now in its ninth decade of operation, Barclay Water Management, Inc. provides a complete range of water treatment solutions for industrial, commercial, and institutional clients in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States.

Our proprietary products and engineering services protect critical heat exchange equipment from corrosion, mineral deposit formation, microbiological fouling and enable facilities to comply with stringent wastewater effluent guidelines. Our Environmental Group offers a variety of water hygiene services with a strong focus on Legionella risk management.

We invite you to contact us to learn how our team of dedicated employee-owners can assist you with your water treatment needs.

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Cleaning Services

Barclay’s environmental hygiene services include cleaning and disinfection of cooling towers, potable water systems and water storage tanks, ice machines, decorative display fountains, and HVAC coils.

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Industrial Water Treatment

The mission of water treatment is protection of your heat exchange equipment. Barclay’s better balance approach takes water treatment beyond just equipment protection to dramatic improvements in performance and operating efficiency.

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iChlor® Monochloramine Technology

Barclay’s iChlor® improves the quality of potable water and minimizes the proliferation of biofilms that promote the growth of harmful waterborne pathogens.

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Barclay’s Environmental Group provides products and services that enable clients to minimize the risks associated with Legionella bacteria and other waterborne pathogens in building water systems.

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Employee Ownership

Barclay Water Management, Inc. is the oldest and largest employee-owned water treatment firm in North America and is 100% ESOP-owned.

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Association & Certifications

Barclay strives to constantly seek memberships that provide us with the latest industry standards and certifications that allow us to better serve our customers.

The Association of Water Technologies (AWT) is the international water treatment association representing companies that specialize in applying water treatments for industrial and commercial cooling and heating systems.

Our membership with AWT allows our employee-owners to stay up-to-date with the best industry practices and receive training that facilitate our success and growth.

The ESOP Association advocates for all Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) at the federal and national level. It provides education on ESOPs via national conferences and a nationwide network of chapters..

As members of the ESOP Association we’re responsible for complying with all laws and regulations pertaining to ESOP creation and operation of ESOPs that are reasonable and accepted as standard practice by the ESOP community.

Barclay Water Management, Inc. is committed to ISO 9001 series certification as an integral part of our Quality Management Program. The Barclay organization was one of the very first water treatment organizations to achieve this certification and one of the only water treatment companies in the United States with ISO 9001:2008 certification of its sales and service functions, including our proprietary SAFE® system for delivering our products.

American Global Standards is a registrar of Quality and Environmental Management Systems to ISO 9000/ISO 14000 Series requirements. AGS provides independent, third party assessments of management systems for all industries.

USGBC is a movement of community leaders, professionals, businesses and innovators working to accomplish a single bold vision: healthy, efficient and equitable buildings and communities for all.

Our membership with the USGBC supports the growing green building movement as well as the ongoing development of LEED, the world’s most well-known and widely used green building program.

Barclay Water Management, Inc. provides its customers with the tools and resources to help attain credits toward LEED certification.

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