Water Hygiene


Barclay’s Environmental Group was established to enable clients to minimize the risks associated with Legionella pneumophila and other waterborne pathogens in the work place. Most diagnosed cases of Legionnaires’ disease have been linked to building water systems.

Barclay’s water hygiene services enable you to reduce the health risks of waterborne bacteria by means of assessing a facility to identify risks and quantify risks and develop action plans and remediation services if needed. Regular, periodic reviews and reassessment of determined risks enable you to maintain a healthy environment for your employees, clients, and the general public.

Our highly trained specialists are available to conduct building water surveys and custom design a legionella plan that best meets your needs. Our Legionella Risk Assessment program examines the evaporative cooling towers, potable (domestic) water piping system, water tanks, ice machines, decorative water display fountains, emergency eye wash stations, and other devices using potable water.