Cleaning & Disinfection Services


Barclay’s environmental hygiene services include cleaning and disinfection of cooling towers, potable water systems and water storage tanks, ice machines, decorative display fountains, and HVAC coils.

Cleaning is performed by highly trained technicians under the direction of an Environmental Services Supervisor. We document the condition of the system before and after our cleaning process and our technicians use the appropriate personal protective equipment follow best practice safety procedures.  Our cleaning specialists have been trained in hazard communication, right-to-know program, proper use of personal protective equipment, lock-out/tag-out procedures, confined space entry, safe chemical handling procedures, chemical spill response, respiratory protection, pressure washer safety, and incident investigation.  At the conclusion of our cleaning work, we will generate a written report with photographs showing before and after conditions to validate the cleaning procedure. We will also provide written documentation for your files.