Cooling Tower Maintenance in New York City

On August 6th 2015, the New York City Health Commissioner issued an order to all owners of building with cooling towers. The Commissioners’s order requires building owners to partner with environmental consultants with demonstrated experience performing disinfection using current industry standard protocols including the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHREA) Standard 188.

If you own a building with a cooling tower:

  • You must inspect and disinfect all of your building’s cooling towers within 14 days of receiving the order in the mail.
  • You must also keep records at the building or buildings you own of the inspection and disinfection of all cooling towers. If City officials ask for these records, you must show them.
  • If the tower was already inspected and disinfected within the last 30 days, you must maintain records of the inspection and remediation, and make them available to the City Upon request.

- The New York City Department of Health


Our Environmental Group, a Division of Barclay Water Management, Inc. has extensive experience performing disinfection of cooling towers in accordance with current standard industry protocols including, but not limited to, ASHRAE 188 and CTI guidelines WTB-148. We offer guidance, consulting services, Legionella testing by approved CDC ELITE Laboratory, disinfection and cleaning cooling tower services. The Environmental Group is professionally staffed with highly trained technicians. Under the direction of an Environmental Services Supervisor, technicians perform cleanings. We document the condition of the system before and after our cleaning process and our technicians use the highest level of personal protective equipment and safety procedures. At the conclusion of the cleaning work, we provide a written report using before and after photographs to validate our cleaning procedure and provide you with a written report and certificate as documentation for your files.





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