About Barclay

Now in its ninth decade of operation, Barclay Water Management, Inc. provides a complete range of water treatment solutions for industrial, commercial, and institutional clients in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States.

Our proprietary products and engineering services protect critical heat exchange equipment from corrosion, mineral deposit formation, and microbiological fouling and enable facilities to comply with stringent wastewater effluent guidelines. Our Environmental Group offers a variety of water hygiene services for the workplace including Legionella risk management.

We invite you to contact us to learn how our team of dedicated employee-owners can assist you with your water treatment needs.


Barclay Water Management, Inc. is continuously striving for more sustainable practices in our business.

Barclay’s water chemistry control programs are designed to utilize your water resources to the fullest extent while maintaining design efficiency and equipment longevity. Our customers save millions of gallons of water annually through improved efficiencies.
Our commitment to sustainability is put into action through our Corporate Sustainability Policies.